THE LANGUAGE OF DOGS – Recording of the live event

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Learn to understand what your dog is telling you.

Dogs talk to us all the time by using their body to communicate with us. Learning to read those messages is very important to be able to give our dogs a better life and to keep them and us safe. Very often, dogs would reach a point of high stress simply because we did not recognise their signals and could not help when they needed us the most.  In fact, this lack of understanding can lead to a dog reacting very negatively (even biting).

This webinar is for both dog owners (and children!!) and dog professionals.

Your Presenter:
Debby Lucken (IMDT Dog Trainer and ISCP Dog Behaviourist) from Pocodogs and KAD (Kids Around Dogs) will be presenting this webinar thoroughly, but in an easy-to-understand way, also using visuals for each dog signal.


How does it work:
Purchase the recording of The Language of Dogs and you will receive a link to the recording of the live webinar which was in July 2020.